Pro Staff

Salifu Mohammed – Director of Tennis

Salifu Mohammed, or “Salif” as he is known by his students, was born in Ghana in 1986.  Growing up Salif was surrounded by people who loved the game of tennis, including his older siblings,  which created an enviornment for his own passion for the sport to develop at a young age.  Soon he was noticed by the Ghana Tennis Association who recognized Salif’s talent and invited him to begin training with them.  This training prepared him to represent Ghana in the Davis Cup and paved the way for future success.  By the age of sixteen, Salif began playing ITF events and quickly acquired a junior world ranking.  Salif’ progressed by participating in ATP and ITF tournaments bringing him into the top 500 in the world as an adult.  While training at Nick Bolletteri’s academy from 2002-2005, Salif made appearances  in the junior US Open; French Open; Wimbledon and Australian Open tournaments.  After completing his training at the academy in 2005, Salif was able to enter the US Open’s men’s qualifying draw.

Based out of lower Westchester, over the last eight years, Salif’s teaching career has been focused primarily on high performance juniors in the New York Metro area.  Past teaching positions include: High Performance Director at Gotham Tennis Academy Bronx, NY; Master Professional at Sporttime Randall Island New York, NY; Master Professional/QuickStart Director at Sporttime Harbour Island Mamaroneck, NY.  We are excited to have Salif join us and look forward to having him share his on and off court talents with all of our clients.



Anatoliy Beynars, Staff Professional

Anatoliy was born in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev.  At the age of twelve, his family relocated to Sacramento, California where Anatoliy began playing tennis.  When Anatoliy was fifteen, he enrolled in Jesuit High School, joined the tennis team and from there became a three-year varsity letter winner.  Playing primarily in the No. 1 spot, he was named Team MVP in 2012, and in the same year received his highest national ranking of 350 in the country.  Although Anatoliy had only played for six years while he lived in Sacramento during his junior and senior years of high school he was invited to train in the High Performance program at the JMG Tennis Academy, which is one of the top tennis academies in California and soon became ranked in the top 20 in Northern California.

While at the Academy, he began his coaching career and has continued ever since.  After graduating High School in 2014, Anatoliy was given a tennis scholarship to Seattle University.  Unfortunately, he only played for the Redhawks, the University’s team, for the first quarter of his freshman year because he and his family moved to Brooklyn, New York.  Soon after arriving in the city, Anatoliy joined the pro staff at New York Tennis Club where he has applied his on court training, skills, dedication and love of the sport to all his lesson and group programs from the youngest of students to adults of all levels of play.

When he is not on court teaching, Anatoliy also does racquet stringing and continues to further his techniques and experience by playing in sanctioned tournaments in the North East.



Jim will arrange games for you, organize round-robin social scrambles, member-guest and other tournaments while filling in when you need a fourth or answering all your tennis and social needs, weekends and weekdays as well.